Since 1998 CAT has been working in the sector of high skilled services dedicated to asbestos removal, environmental remediation, recovery of aeraulic systems, building services and ship-recycling.

Our work is carried out by using our own personnel and technical equipment, in such a way CAT S.r.l. is able to customise every type of work we perform.


We choose high skilled professionals and we comply with certified quality standards: this is why we guarantee our public and private customers our expertise and reliability, transparency and the best price/quality ratio.

ASBESTOSREMOVAL We perform asbestos removal jobs up to 7M €; we remove compact and friable matrix asbestos from confined areas.

  • Remediation of industrial and civilian buildings.
  • Recovery of products and equipment on board military and merchant ships.
  • Mapping and monitoring of civilian buildings as per ministerial decree of 06/09/94.
  • Environmental monitoring of pollution levels.
  • Quantitative chemical analysis and classification of materials containing asbestos.

RECOVERY OF AERAULIC SYSTEMS We work in high risk areas, such as ORs, refinery laboratories, yacht cabins and ships.

  • Cleaning and decontamination of aeraulic systems.
  • Cleaning and decontamination of ships and yachts.
  • Cleaning of extractor hoods used in kitchens and canteens.
  • Plant sampling and analysis.
  • Drain and pipes video inspection.

ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION We work on decommissioned industrial plants at high environmental risk, job value is up to 4M €.

  • Remediation and demolition of industrial plants and decommissioned industrial plants.
  • Land reclamation and cleaning of polluted areas.
  • Remediation of confined areas.
  • Ultrasound leak test and remediation of underground tanks.
  • Sewer cleaning and unclogging of sewer lines.


Sanitizing and disinfecting of:

  • Working and living environments.
  • Hospital wards.
  • Nursing homes.
  • Shopping malls.
  • Housing.
  • Industrial facilities, workshops, and business premises.
  • Food-processing facilities.
  • Airports, railway and subway stations.

BUILDING SERVICE Renovation and regeneration of civilian and industrial buildings.

  • Building services dedicated to building complexes.
  • Works on flat roofing or pitched roofs.
  • Renovation, cleaning and protection of façades and their decorations, including balconies.
  • Renovation of interiors plasters, colouring, stuccoes and special finishing.
  • Horizontal and vertical stone claddings and vinyl layers.
  • Windows and doors maintenance.
  • Electrical and hydraulic systems maintenance.

CONTAINER SERVICES Services in the field of emergency response and securing of dangerous and non-dangerous goods.

  • Cross stuffing service for containerized goods.
  • Mechanized cross stuffing service of containers containing solid goods in liner-bags.
  • Cross stuffing/packaging service of bulk goods in liner-bag or big-bag.
  • Cross stuffing/decanting services of tank containers containing IMO dangerous and non-dangerous goods.
  • Loading services of solid goods in containers with liner-bags.
  • Cross stuffing/decanting services of liquid goods in flexi-tanks from container to container.
  • Cross stuffing/decanting services of liquid goods from tank container/flexi-tank into IBCs, drums, etc.