SHIP RECYCLING Recovery and reclamation of vessels at the end of their life cycle, as per EU regulation no. 1257/2013.

In December 2013, the European Union decided that, upon decommissioning, all components of European vessels flying the EU national flags must be recycled: this is envisaged by the EU regulation no. 1257/2013.

CAT, in collaboration with other companies working in this sector and thanks to its long experience as far as recovery and reclamation of vessels are concerned, developed a plan for demolition and recycling of any civilian or military vessel.

In compliance with the above mentioned regulation, this plan envisages the demolition of the vessel: all its components must be recycled, especially the hazardous components, such as asbestos, gases, and heavy metals etc.

These works are performed in dry docks that have been adequately equipped by our company and its partners.


This is a very delicate and complex procedure, and CAT is able to properly manage it thanks to its long-standing expertise as far as recycling and disposal are concerned; we also focus our work on materials such as asbestos, hazardous oils and gases, furniture, and on board systems.



  • Mapping of hazardous materials on board the vessels.
  • Preparation of the ship recycling plan and risk assessment.
  • Recovery and removal of hazardous materials on board the vessels.
  • Hazardous waste disposal and transport to authorised facilities.
  • Demolition and recycling of metallic components of the vessels.