ENVIRONMENTAL SANITIZING AND DISINFECTING Reduction of microbial and viral load so as to restore optimal hygiene standards

Environmental sanitizing and disinfecting means thoroughly eliminating bacteria, viruses and contaminants that cannot be removed with routine cleaning. Its aim is to reduce the microbial and viral load and bring it back within optimal hygiene standards.

The goal of environmental disinfection is to make facilities healthy and safe for people. We help you create healthy workplaces for employees, and enable employers to comply with legal requirements.

Our professional and certified SANITIZING SERVICE achieves the following:

Killing bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi.

Reducing biological pollutants.

Reducing environmental risks.

Reducing sick days in the workplace (sanitized environments = better quality of life).

Boosting work productivity.

Compliance with rules and regulations.

Studies indicate that disinfection with aerosolized hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) reduces the surface contamination left after manual cleaning and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. Decontamination methods with no-touch H2O2 technologies have been shown to be effective and safe, drastically reducing the risk of infection for people.

Our method is particularly useful for disinfecting surfaces and devices that cannot easily be cleaned by hand. It can also be used for whole-space decontamination. It is highly compatible with sophisticated technological instrumentation and equipment, as it causes no corrosion of metal components and no damage to the electronics.

We care deeply about safety, so we use a disinfectant that breaks down into water and oxygen and leaves no toxic or dangerous residues behind and no wet surfaces. This is optimal for the wellbeing of people and for the environment.


For environmental disinfection, CAT Servizi has selected and uses the latest generation of MEDIBIOS micronebulizers (an Italian patent) and EVOLYSE Strong, a hydrogen peroxide (12%) and silver sulphate disinfectant.

EVOLYSE aerosol particles sprayed by MEDIBIOS micronebulizers completely saturate the environment and disinfect all surfaces, even hidden ones that would be difficult to reach with other cleaning methods.

Medibios and Evolyse products are classified as Medical Devices and are registered with the Italian Ministry of Health according to the European Directive on CE marking and with U.S. FDA for disinfection of non-invasive medical devices and surfaces.


  • Selection of the appropriate operating protocol according to the type of activities and facilities to be sanitized.
  • Sampling prior to intervention to assess contaminant load.
  • Disinfection of working environments with MEDISYSTEM technology.
  • Post-intervention sampling to test the results of disinfection.
  • Final report by a competent technician including a sanitization certificate.

CAT Servizi provides a SANITIZATION CALENDAR stating the expiry dates of disinfection procedures based on the type of activity, the use of the premises, and the number of users.