cat servizi - servizi container

CONTAINER SERVICES Services in the field of emergency response and securing of dangerous and non-dangerous goods, containerized in ports and in storage depots.

The goal of our service is to secure and restore the conditions existing prior to the eventual occurrence (spillage, damage to the load) and, at the same time, the recovery of the goods transported in the container.

Our objectives are the protection of the environment from damages resulting from accidents of any kind and the minimization of the contextual economic damage due to the loss of goods.

Over the years, we have experienced that accidents are often due to the loading of goods that do not comply with international regulations, which makes the transport of the same unsafe, causing partial or total loss. We have therefore specialized in the ordinary service of cross stuffing and lashing of solid and liquid goods, dangerous and not, inside containers.

Our operations are performed by highly specialized personnel with technologically advanced equipment. Our priority is to safeguard the value of the goods during transport with the maintenance of its own characteristics. To this end, we follow certified procedures to prevent any contamination of the goods due to handling activities. Services can be performed both at our locations and at the Customer's premises.



  • Cross stuffing service for containerized goods.
  • Mechanized cross stuffing service of containers containing solid goods in liner-bags.
  • Cross stuffing/packaging service of bulk goods in liner-bag or big-bag.
  • Cross stuffing/decanting services of tank containers containing IMO dangerous and non-dangerous goods.
  • Loading services of solid goods in containers with liner-bags.
  • Cross stuffing/decanting services of liquid goods in flexi-tanks from container to container.
  • Cross stuffing/decanting services of liquid goods from tank container/flexi-tank into IBCs, drums, etc..


  • Mobile unit for suction/packaging of bulk solids in big-bags.
  • Suction mobile unit for bulk solids in big-bags.
  • ATEX mobile unit for the transfer of dangerous liquid goods from tank containers.
  • Mobile unit for transferring liquid goods into flexi-tank.
  • Mobile unit for transferring food products into flexi-tank.