BUILDING SERVICE Renovation and regeneration of civilian and industrial buildings by using eco-friendly and energy efficient materials.

CAT offers high skilled services for managing and maintaining the technological systems and plants of individual buildings, but also large properties.

Our decade-long experience concerning heating systems, air conditioning systems, sanitation and electrical installations allowed us to develop a very specialized know-how, one of the most advanced in Italy.

Moreover, we strictly comply with procedures and patterns of behaviour envisaged by the UNI-EN ISO 9000 and UNI-EN ISO 14000 standards concerning business quality systems and environmental certification; we also comply with the ISO 9001 quality certification regarding design and management of technological installations. These elements guarantee our professionalism and transparency as for implemented procedures. In the building sector, we perform renovation activities of civilian and industrial buildings and health care facilities by means of public procurement procedures.

- Dismantling of temporary structures.

- Cleaning, testing and restitution of the premises to our customers for liquidation.



  • Works on flat roofing or pitched roofs.
  • Renovation, cleaning and protection of façades and their decorations, including balconies.
  • Renovation of interiors plasters, colouring, stuccoes and special finishing.
  • Horizontal and vertical stone claddings and vinyl layers.
  • Windows and doors maintenance.
  • Maintenance of electrical installations and water systems.