ASBESTOS REMOVAL We perform asbestos removal jobs up to 7M €; we remove compact and friable matrix asbestos from confined areas.

As far as removal of asbestos containing materials is concerned, CAT performs jobs up to €7.746.853,00, in compliance with category 10 of the Registry of Environmental Managers. Our company performs removals of compact and friable matrix materials, according to what is envisaged by law no. 257/92. The Registry of Environmental Managers envisages that the companies performing this type of work be equipped with special technical equipment.


  • Removal of asbestos containing materials in civilian and industrial buildings, such as roofing products made of asbestos-cement, thermal plant piping insulated by means of asbestos matrix, vinyl asbestos flooring, false ceiling asbestos boards.
  • Removal of materials and equipment containing asbestos on board merchant and military ships.
  • Mapping and monitoring of materials and civilian and industrial buildings containing asbestos, as per ministerial decree of 06/09/94.
  • Environmental monitoring of buildings, infrastructures, and facilities for controlling pollution.
  • Chemical analysis aimed at determining – from a qualitative and quantitative point of view - the type of asbestos contained in the bulk sample; the analysis is performed by using IR spectroscopy and/or phase-contrast optical microscopy.
  • Chemical analysis for the classification, transport and disposal of waste containing asbestos.



  • Staff decontamination unit.
  • Air extractor for confined spaces.
  • HEPA filter suction fan for collecting materials.
  • Waste water management unit.
  • Smoke generators.
  • Sampler for staff and ambient monitoring.
  • Depression measuring units.