ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION We work on decommissioned industrial plants at high environmental risk, job value is up to 4M €..

Our company performs remediation activities on decommissioned industrial plants at high environmental risk, and takes care of cleaning the underground or above ground tanks, pipes, furnaces and everything else that might need this kind of cleaning activity. CAT abides by the regulations envisaged by the Registry of Environmental Managers that states that companies performing this type of work be equipped with special technical equipment.

As far as environmental remediation activities are concerned, our company performs the unclogging and cleaning of sewers; the expertise of our staff and a wide range of unclogging machines - allowing us to tackle many different situations and sewer systems – are at our customers’ disposal.

If the draining activities need to be complemented by video inspections, a video camera will be used to record the performed activities.


  • Remediation and demolition of industrial plants and decommissioned plants.
  • Land reclamation and reclamation of polluted areas.
  • Polluted site safety improvement.
  • Ultrasound leak test and recovery of tanks.
  • Unclogging and cleaning of sewers.



  • Suction fans for hazardous dust and liquids.
  • ATEX hydrocarbon pumps.
  • Pumps set for acids and corrosive substances.
  • Unclogging units for sewers having a diameter up to 500 mm.
  • SDT ultrasound system to check the tank is leakproof.
  • Personal sampler to check the explosion risk in confined spaces.