Maggio Fiorentino Municipal Theatre

City: Florence
Customer: Municipality of Florence
Type of work: Asbestos removal from the theatre roofing
Date: 2006
Duration: 36 months
Initial conditions: The theatre roofing was made of friable asbestos panels and asbestos-cement slabs. The theatre director decided that the removal and remediation works had to be performed without interrupting the rehearsals and the theatre activities.
Quantity: Surface: a 900 sq. m. roofing to be recovered.
Environmental monitoring performed: More than 500.
Description of activities: The remediation and removal works have been performed without the theatre interrupting its daily activities - as it had been requested. We took notice of the time schedule of rehearsals and performances. Works were thus performed during the night or the holidays. Removed materials were stocked in a confined area (static-dynamic area) located 21 m above the stalls area. The area to be removed was divided into 4 confined and smaller areas, which have been individually sealed and could be accessed without damaging the theatre vault. Thanks to this procedure, the removal and remediation activities were carried out according to the regulations in force and without polluting the areas that were located just below the confined area (stalls area and stage) which kept functioning as usual.
Conclusions: This job was performed in Italy and is one of the few of this kind during which the customer’s activities were not interrupted. The deadlines set by the customer were respected and everyone was extremely satisfied.

San Martino Hospital Hospice – Care home for palliative care

City: Genoa
Customer: San Martino Hospital
Type of work: Building service
Date: 2007
Duration: 24 months
Quantity: Accommodation capacity: 12 beds and toilets.
Surface: 1200 sq. m.
Initial conditions: The S. Martino hospital needed to build its first hospice in Genoa: a care home where terminally ill oncologic patients may be accommodated in a hotel-like structure to receive palliative care. One floor inside the Maragliano pavilion had been identified as the right place for the care home.
Description of activities: This building is protected by the Authority for cultural heritage. The demolition of the rooms was carried out by complying with the protective restrictions: commemorative plates and decorations of the balconies were protected and then renovated. These works were performed while the other hospital wards kept functioning as usual. After the demolition, the single and double rooms were constructed, the water systems, electrical installations and heating systems were substituted and then the flooring was reconstructed. CAT was in charge of supplying and installing the special pieces of furniture, including TV sets. The quality of this new care home is medium-high and it is a hotel-like structure. Supplied products were chosen together with the technical department of the hospital and the managers of the care home.
Conclusions: The existing building was renovated and recovered and the first public hospice of one of Genoa’s hospitals was then built.

Costa Riviera cruise ship

City: Genoa
Customer: Prestige Cruise Management
Type of work: Ship recycling
Date: 2000
Duration: 2 months
Initial conditions: Unrecorded asbestos on board the vessel; it had to be mapped before starting renovation works.
Description of activities: All asbestos materials on board the vessel were mapped (insulating pipes in the engine room, watertight doors seals, false ceiling panels, etc.). After mapping it, asbestos was removed from the areas that had to be renovated and maintained. Works were performed also during navigation.
Conclusions: One of the first asbestos mapping on a cruise ship in Italy after the approval of the ministerial decree of 20/08/1999.